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Default NCLA ferry service

I've been following the POA discussions with interest (and some amusement). I have no wish to start another debate, but I did have a thought. How would it be for NCLA to expand its Hawaiian business to include ferry service between the islands?

As a frequent traveller to Hawaii, I've often thought it would be nice to take an overnight hop from one island to another and enjoy a taste of cruising in between. Most flights arrive in Honolulu, but I make a point of spending as little time there as possible and head immediately for one of the outer islands (usually Kauai). It would really be neat to make a sea crossing instead of taking an interisland flight. You could spend a week in one place, catch the boat to the next stop and continue that way as long as you like.

I believe the old Hawaiian-American Line use to offer such service, at least in their early days. It would be a great way to show off the ship and fill any vacancies - not that the POA has that problem. This kind of service is provided on the Alaska state ferry and I think there's a Mediterranean line with a similar arrangement. It would be a way for NCLA to take advantage of its domestic port access and perhaps attract new business as it expands its fleet.


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