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Default Re: Paying gratuities before hand

Carnival does offer the option to pre-pay your tips if you so choose (and on some of the 2 night cruises to nowhere they are automatically included in the cruise fare.) If you don't want to pre-pay your TA, then what you will find is that Carnival will charge your sign and sail card an amount (I believe it is $10 pp per day) to cover the waiter, assistant waiter and room steward. You have the option of keeping that as it is, adjusting the tips upward or downward depending on the level of service you receive, or having the tips removed completely and tipping in the traditional manner on the last night of the cruise.

In addition to the above and the bartenders and wait staff whose tips are included in the price of the drink, I also always tip the person who brings my room service meals to me ($1 or $2 depending on what I have ordered) and MAYBE I also tip the maitre'd IF he does something for me other than stopping by on the last night to shake my hand.

I also tip the porters at the pier who handle my luggage ($1 per bag - I want it to show up in my stateroom! lol), and if you take any of the ship's tours or arrange one on your own, I always tip the person who is giving me the tour - especially if they do a great job.

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