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Default Re: NCL - Dawn - November from NYC

Yeah, I went on it last year, it was great. First day was cold but the second day was much warmer. Be sure to watch for dolphins on the second day....all day. They follow the ship and you should be around North Carolina or Virginia when you'll start to see them. Lots of fun. We started to see them around 7 am and they continued until maybe 2 pm or later. At some times there were a dozen or more swimming around the ship.

Also, don't expect a traditional turkey dinner. I did not order the turkey because I knew this was not an American ship and I did not expect them to make a turkey dinner the way I was used to. I ordered the steak, it was excellent. The people I travelled with ordered the turkey and were not happy. I ended up trading meals halfway through and I thought the turkey was good, just not what most of us are used to. If you're adventurous with your meals then great but if you're not, you may not like it.

Have a great time. There were kids around since it was school break but it wasn't bad. We went to an Orlando park on a Tuesday (while in Port Canaveral) and it was great, not many people at all and hardly any lines to wait in. I think the crowds must start to pick up the day before Thanksgiving.

The worst part was waiting in line to eat. The lines at all the restaurants were very long and started 15-20 minutes before they even opened. There was no place to wait and people were pushing on the stairwells. I would suggest waiting to eat. If I were to do it again then I would grab something early from the buffet if I were hungry and put dinner off until later. You would think the crowds could be attributed to all the kids but no, there were hardly any kids in the restaurants. It was mostly the older crowd (age 50 and up). One time we had to leave because waiting on the stairwell with the mixes of perfumes was making me nauseaus. Couldn't even think about food for awhile.
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