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Default Re: Carry on beverages

In Honolulu, AKAL security will ask you to open your bag, then they tell you to check it with a bar waiter sitting thirty feet away. You COULD just say ok, and walk right past. The AKAL is busy with other pax, as is the bar waiter, if he even cares. Works for crew, too.

People in the owners suites get three complimentary bottles of alcohol.

Open a twelve pack of pepsi, replace the cans of soda with Bud Light, glue the box shut, and walk on board.

Fill a camelpak with booze, they only do pat downs in Kona.

If your alcohol is confiscated, it can be returned if you complain long enough to the right person.

Ask a crew member. There are mafias on the ships that can supply ANYTHING.

Hope this helps.
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