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Here's how the taxis work:
When you get off the ship, you will be BOMBARDED with taxi drivers offering to take you to the "most beautiful beach" for $15US per person one-way. If you walk past them and follow the road to the right, the price will drop. We were offered a trip to the "beautiful beaches" for $15US per person round trip. We passed on that and walked into downtown Coxen Hole. At the intersection by the internet cafe we bargained with a taxi driver to take BOTH of us to West End for $5US. Hang on.. it's a crazy ride!
I've heard of some taxi drivers staying with you and taking you where ever you need to go for $20-30 per day. When we were ready to go back to the ship. we again bargained with a driver in West End to take us back for $6US.
We went from $60 for the round trip to $11. Interesting.
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