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We were at Fosters a couple years ago. Family owned, very laid back resort area, don't expect luxury, but you can expect very polite and attentive attitude. There was an outdoor bar area where we had a pretty good hamburger. They had shrimp french fries stuff like that. very cheap local Cheap beer! The no seeums on the beach were kinda bad so we stayed in the water most of the time. They picked us up and took us back when we asked. it was not too expensive, can't remember exactly but a nice private beach. One local came to beg, but the youngest female family member chased him away.! People come to dive and snorkle, so yes the beach is about all there is to do. Pretty poor island. Nice people tho, English is the language. Don't let the fenced in area at the pier (if its still there) scare you, venture out. I think they had every bus and car on the island to meet the ship for tours. We were told school gets let out on ship days, don't know if thats true or not.
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