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Asked about 2006 to Bermuda by the Majesty and NCL staff said that they were booking the ship., "saioress"... heard this from the Captain himself in June at a Lattitudes Cocktail Party. The Sea was to be retired too, but I think they have something in mind for that ship too. I hope to cruise the Majesty one more time in 2006...which will make the 11th..Maybe even do their last cruise from Boston to Florida.. The reason "sailoress" is because the Majesty is the most rebooked ship in the NCL line...NCL and one or two others have offered the Goverment of Bermuda $$ to deepen the harbors so that larger ships maybe accomodated. Right now the larger ships are kept at the Dockyard. The "cut" has already been altered and there is some concern if they widen it again.. Bermuda tighly controls ships and capacity coming into Bermuda and since tourism (land/hotels) is in deep trouble the cruise ships seem to be the only way although lower airline fares are being worked on. Speaking to one of the managers of one of the oldest shops, Bluck's.. he's very upset that cruisers do not spend the $$ that people at hotels do.. and hotels are having a difficult time existing and attracting people. Franky, I love being in St. George and now there are two high speed ferries that go to Hamilton and the Dockyard. Unspoken of and not known by the average tourist is the growing problems in Bermuda, the least is the closing of Cooper's and several other specialty stores because of the economy and sadly
the growing crime against tourists
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