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Default Re: NCL Spirit any good???

Iscott, there will always be those out there that are unhappy and some will claim they got complete refunds: someone the other day claimed, not only did they get a complete refund they were offered a free cruise. This is very unlikely. As for the Spirit, I know about 10 different groups that have sailed her and said she is beautiful, the service inpecalbe, and the food very good. Of course no ship, hotel, restaurant, whatever will please everybody and I am sure some have had bad experiences on the Spirit, but all in all most are more than happy as you can see from this thread. I do beleive the cabins are on the small side; as for her being new, this is how cruiselines market a product they have accuired: if it's new to them and been refurbished it's considered new. You are correct, she used to be the Superstar Leo.

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