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Default Re: NCL's New Tipping Program

WOW, that's just horrible! I can't imagine getting a great price on a cruise and then stiffing the help! The comment about not eating in the dining room, that they ate in the buffet, do they realize that people WORK in the cafe to prepare the meals and clean the tables? Some people just want something for nothing. I'm all about a great deal, but not at the expense of the employees. We could beat this topic into the ground like a dead horse and there will always be people that can justify it. I for one approve of the automatic tipping, and yes, if there is a problem I want it fixed sooner than later. Why let something ruin your cruise when it could be rectified in 20 minutes or less? I hope I don't get a bunch of these people on the Sun with me, I doubt it though since it's Spring Break and higher prices.

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