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Default Re: NCL's New Tipping Program

maraprince, you have some good ideas, I do want to clear up one thing: as of the past few years, when prices are advertised as "as low as" it is required that the price include port charges: taxes no, but port charges yes. I am also a bit confused about the statement about filling the tables and then serving everyone at the same time. We have cruised freestyle 3 times and never had this occur quite that way. They do try to put people together as close to the same time as possible, but not quite the way I am understanding your comments. As for 2 hours, we have yet to have a dinner freestyle or otherwise take 2 hours unless we have chosen to sit and sip coffee after the meal. We have had meals take an hour and a half which I find quite acceptable on any cruise. Dinner on cruises is expected to be a very relaxed and enjoyable part of the cruise. For those in a hurry there is always a buffet. I am not trying to stir up an argument, I am just not quite sure what you mean.

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