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Default Re: Re: Re: NCL's New Tipping Program

"With open seating you don't have the same wait staff and tables are fulled up as passengers enter the dining room. Once the table is full, everyone is served at the same time. NCL didn't invent something that wasn't already in existence."

Uhm -Maraprince - Have you ever actually cruised with NCL? I have - and what you describe is NOT the way Freestyle dining works. With Freestyle dining - you arrive at the dining room and are asked if you wish to share a table or dine on your own. My husband I chose to dine on our own. Other people chose to share and I did not see them waiting for a table to "fill up". If other "sharers" were not immediately available, orders were taken.
Freestyle dining means arrive at the dining room anytime during opening hours including dinner hours and eat by yourselves or choose to share. Oh and if you want you can actually request to have the same waitstaff every night - if their section is not full, you will be seated there. Freestyle dining has some resemblance to "open seating" but not much.
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