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Default Re: Re: NCL's New Tipping Program

Yes, I have sailed on NCL many, many times -- both before freestyle and with freestyle. I have been on the N. Sun for 13 days and N. Sea for 11 days both with freestyle and there is a vast difference between ships and how freestyle is carried out. It actually did take as long as 2 hours or more some nights to eat dinner on the N. Sun. Passengers walked into the shows late almost every night and it was commented on by the entertainers. What arrived at the table was not always what was ordered. That meant an additional wait to get what you ordered in the first place. Although you might have been seated right away, sometimes it took as long as 15 minutes before you were given a menu. Once all the tables in our waiter's section were filled up, he started taking orders from the last table to be filled and then worked his way back to the first table (unfortunately where we were seated).

Service on the N. Sea was quicker (about 1-1/2 hours) and there were no problems receiving what was ordered. However, some waiters had tables of 10 passengers to serve while others had only tables of 6 passengers. It was hard on the waiters since some of the tables were placed so closely together and they had so little space to work in.

On the N. Sun we never saw the various section Maitre'ds where on the N. Sea they were much more visible. This made a big difference in both the quality of the service and the efficiency of the wait staff.

I have booked 2 back-to-back 7-day cruises on the N. Dawn and N. Crown in May this year. With the completion of these 2 cruises, I will have sailed with NCL about 15 times in all.

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