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16 cruises, all the major lines except Princess and the Sun is among my favorites. The only other that rates similar, in our minds would be the Celebrity Constillation. I am comparing like cabins, both with balconies. Celebriity's main dining room had slightly better food especially at lunch. There alternative dining was not any better and twice as expensive: the entertainment was equal and very similar, the cabins identical in size and the crew very friendly on both ships. Celebrity offers little amenities like chamgange (spelling) upon arrival, nicer toiletries in the bathrooms and has the T pool which I loved, but the Sun has a nicer pool area. If you bring your own wine on board the corkage fee on Celebrity is much higher and why, who knows? It takes the same amount of time and energy to open a bottle of wine on the Sun as it does on the Connie. I think I like the passengers on NCL a little: they are more down to earth. NMnita
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