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Default Re: NCL Star Mexican Riviera 1/24/05

I have thought about posting a review but I was ill with an infection and I spent a couple of days too sick to get off the ship and do more than sit or sleep in the cabin. I could write a limited review but I think I will just open myself up for questions.

The terminal is in the city of San Pedro. I would advice getting to San Pedro the evening before the cruise and staying at a hotel that has a shuttle to the pier the next morning. We stayed at the Marina Hotel and it was not a great room but they did have a shuttle to the pier and we were able to park our car at the hotel for the time we were gone. I have also stayed at the Sheraton in San Pedro and they also have a shuttle to the pier.

The weather was great. It was nice and sunny at all of the ports. It was actually a little hot in Acapulco.
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