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Default Re: NCL's New Tipping Program

I keep reading various posts from Bruce on various boards and I have to say they are more than a little repetitive; we should all feel sorry for the poor people who staff cruise ships! Sorry but I have said it before but they were not forced to work for any cruise line - all exercised their free rights and why should we keep paying for that!!!

Hi True Brit,
I guess I have not been reading enough posts to understand what you mean. I agree that the American flagged NCL ship"s employees have "free rights" to choose their place to work and also have the benefits of the US minimum wage laws. My understanding is that the foreign flagged NCL ships, staffed mostly by people from other countries, are contract labor and do not have the benefit of earning a minimum wage.
I was not trying to say anyone should feel sorry for these people, but to appreciate how really wonderful they can make your cruising experience. It was a joy to get to know Mr. Tipo, from the Phillipines, on our last cruise and he certainly made us feel special and pampered. In fact, the whole crew on the Sea was fantastic. Even if someone does not or cannot leave a tip, it doesn't cost a thing to leave a nice message on the comment card and it does help them keep their jobs.
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