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Default Re: NCL's New Tipping Program

Well thanks Bruce for that explanation. You truly have a gift for seeing the broader picture. Naturally, am trying to envision the future cruise experience based on what you have said. Personally, I am glad that middle class (me) can now have a cruise experience and I am also glad that other people can work and stay home with their families (Mr.Tipo). So, I guess I am looking at a future cruise experience that is structured so that you must swipe your sail card to have assistance of any kind? Just having a little fun here. So, if you want your bed made you just swipe your card and someone appears (for a charge of course) to do that for you? Or for each dining choice you just use your card to pay for whatever you choose, also for a charge? So, ulitmately, each and every one will pay for whatever services they choose to use. Then, the staff will be conpensated for all their work and the passengers will have control over what they choose to pay for. Seriously tho, I think having a clear picture of how it all works helps cruisers make their own personal choices about how to tip. Thanks for the insight.
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