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Default Re: NCL's New Tipping Program

Hey people, we're only talking $10 a day per person here. We're still having our rooms and toilets cleaned and beds made. Ice to the cabins, etc. Even if you are eating at the Buffet.... the waiters change positions from time to time so it all evens out for the servers and us, the cruisers. Do we all realize that the servers and rrom attendants are paid about $50 a month and depend on the tips that we leave for them. If we aren't happy with the way our room was done or our towels folded or is we don't like the service when we are dining, speak up right there and then. Ask for the MaitreD. Sort it out immediately and don't stew about it. I would bet that most of us are happy with the service we receive on the ships. If we can't leave the tip or pay the service fee of $10 a day then maybe we shouldn't be on a cruise.
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