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Default NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

I'm booked on the May 7 Sea with a few other friends. Iha ve a single outside guarantee. We booked this cruise because of the great rate and good itinerary. However, after further researching the age and size of boat, mixed reviews on food and such, I now wished I would have paid a little more and booked on another line. this will be my 12th cruise (I have only been on NCL once before, and that was the Norway back in 1993).

The only positive reviews I have read about the SEA are from those who were on their first cruise, or those that only sail on NCL. I would love to hear from those who have been on the SEA that have also sailed on Princess and RCCL. I am actaully starting to dread this trip, and would like to be in a more "positive" state of mind prior to this trip.

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