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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

Sorry....this is an older ship! Not handicapped accessible in a lot of areas. Motorized wheelchairs cannot fit through the cabin doorways. We had several on my cruise last October and these wheelchairs had to stay in the hallways. Not the greatest.

Also, the buffet area does not have the electronic automatic opening doors. This could be a problem if you are not steady on your feet. The buffet is NOT a 24-hour buffet. It shuts down after dinner and only coffee, tea and water are available. It is a good place to sit after dinner if you want to play cards, watch TV or chat with others.

The gym is smaller than you will find on most NCL ships.

BEWARE OF THE REAR OF THE SHIP! LOTS OF VIBRATION! It doesn't matter what deck you are on -- stay away from the rear. Even the back part of the casino and the rear dining room vibrates to the point that dishes will move across the table! We had a rear cabin and were almost thrown out of our beds around 2:15 AM. They forgot to bolt our TV set and it almost feel on my cabinmate.

Not all the cabins have a safe. This may or not be a problem for you.

Lack of closet space. Althought our cabin held 4, we were only 2 and our closet was actually a pull out rack right behind the cabin door. The cabin next to us had 3 women who just stood frozen to the spot when they looked into their cabin. These were outside cabins. Our cruise was a 10-day voyage up to Canada so we needed bulkier and heavier clothing than the normal 7-day warm weather voyages.

Our "Chocolaticaholic" buffet was held around 2:45PM right outside the casino in a hallway. There were only napkins and you had to stand up. Within 15 minutes, everything was gone! My cousin and her mom sailed a 7-day Caribbean voyage on the Sea and had their buffet in the dining room after dinner. Go figure!

The main showroom has poor sightlines with support poles and is used for movies as well since there is no dedicated movie theatre.

Our biggest problem was having many, many groups on board. There were 5 groups of approx. 100 each who had their "special" functions almost everyday which resulted in a public room being closed off to everyone else. The repeaters cocktail hour was so crowded that you could barely fit into the room.

If you want to do an older ship with larger cabins, why not try the N. Crown. Between the 2 ships, the N. Crown is a better buy for the money.

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