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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

Snicks guy, we are veternan cruisers having cruise 16 times and on all but one mass marketed lines, some that are defunk I may add. The Sea is older and smaller than many ships, she isn't glitzy, but if the only prositive reviews you have read are from first time cruisers or those who have not cruised on other lines you need to read a whole ot more!!! Right here, on this thread are postivie reviews or go to Cruise Critic and read the reviews. If you want to be pampered you have chosen the wrong ship and the wrong cruise line as NCL offers a wonderful product for the money, with outstanding and firendly crew members, the best itineraries at Sea and a relaxed atmosphere. those sailing the Sea are mostly from the mid west and southwest with friendly attitudes and down to earth lifestyles. The entertainment, though not always to my liking as they are gearing it more and more to the younger poople still has a great reputation. No the food isn't gourmet, but anyone whether it is a cruiser or a travel agent that thinks food on any mass marketed cruise line is gourmet either knows nothing about food or wants to convice themselves one line is better than another. it's al banquet quality to a degree with some being a little better than others and the latest specialty restaurants all offering outstanding food and service at a extra cost. We found the lunch buffet on the Sea to be average at best, the dinners in the dining room to be quite good and the bar-b-cues- wonderful. There were 6 of us, 3 cabins and all experienced to some degree; each one of us thought, for the money, it was the best cruise we had taken. I havae noticed Maraprince commented on the closet space; we all were quite surprised at how much there was. I don't know where she was on the ship, but our closet was at the foot of the beds as were the rest of our friends. There were drawers as you walked in, just like every other ship I have been on. As for large groups and public areas closed off we saw none of that. I guess it depends on what you expect and when you sail. The showroom is outdated and there are poles blocking the view of the stage. You can avoid sitting behind them by getting to the show about 15 minutes early. i don't know why she referred to the handicapped situation; are you handicapped? This wasn't mentioned so I don't know but there were 2 families I spoke with who were traveling with handicapped family members. One was their daughter who was a yound adult. They seemed to have no problems except for the small cabins, the other was an older couple. The gentleman was also in a wheel chair. They were having a great time and never complained about the facilities. I didn't notice what kind of assessabllity was available to be honest. The walk from the check in pier to the ship is a long one; that's for certain. Briefly as I see this ship:

Good: crew, passengers for the most part, itinerary, pool area,entertainment,alternative dining
BAd: tiny cabins, buffet, lay out of the showroom
Same as most ships: activities; service; food

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