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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

Snick's I haven't yet been on the Sea, but am scheduled to cruise on her in July, and have done a lot of research about the ship. In total, I've seen what you'd call "mixed" reviews. Some very good, some medium and some bad. That being said.. before we cruised on the Disney Magic I also read very mixed reviews, and we had a phenomenal time. Truth be told, our decision to cruise on the Sea was similar to yours.. we got a great price, especially for a 15 night Panama Canal crossing. Am I a little concerned that something may be less than enjoyable, sure, but I'm like that on most vacations. I don't plan on comparing the Sea to the Disney Magic, because she's older and smaller, etc. I am determined to have a good time though, and I think it will turn out fine both your trip and mine. I'd be glad to hear a review from you when you get back as well.
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