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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

My mom and stepdad have cruised at least a dozen times on the Sea. That is their favorite ship. They have sailed on almost every NCL ship and they still prefer the Sea. My mom said they have always had plenty of storage for clothes and luggage. The cabins are smaller than most ships but we don't really spend much time in the cabin anyway. My sister has gone with them once and she fell in love with cruising on the Sea. She also said there is plenty of storage room. The bathrooms are smaller but how much time can you possibly spend in the bathroom?

I have read reviews by two different people who said they were on the same ship and same sailing. After reading the reviews I wondered if these people were really on the same planet much less the same ship. You must keep in mind that most of what is written in reviews is really subjective as opposed to objective. Quality of food is really subjective. If someone says the food was horrible they may mean they didn't care for the selection of food. Someone else may say the food was great.

We were on the Norway, next to last cruise before the explosion. I read some horrible reviews. Dirty ship, worn spots on the carpet, rude staff, etc. I never saw the worn spots on the carpet, the staff was not rude, the ship was not dirty (the staff was constantly cleaning the public areas). Another complaint was that it was an old ship (duh!!!). I enjoyed that ship more than any other. She has a class that the newer ships
will NEVER have.

I can tell you now that the chances of you having a good time are slim. You are setting yourself up to not enjoy your cruise. Attitude is a major determining factor. If you go determined to have a good time, you will. I hope you and your friends do enjoy yourselves.

BTW, we are booked on the Sea for April 23. I have read all the negative reviews (and positive). I refuse to let naysayers ruin my vacation!!!
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