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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

I think the problem lies in the middle of the people who love this ship and the people who dont.

I think with any ship you need to ask your self what you want out of this cruise. If you are looking for that once in a lifetime perfect cruise it probably isnt for you.

The sea is very small and doesnt have the adminities most of the bigger ships have. There is nothing on this ship that will blow your mind or really is that exceptional. The food is very good, but not exceptional.

If you are a seasoned cruiser who is just looking for a good week with little worry and great food it might be for you. I for one had a wonderful time and could take the bumps and bruises and still enjoy myself. I didnt knick pick everything and took it at face value.

Overall the main reasons i took this was convience leaving out of houston was perfect and price. The price was extremly low I meen honestly how many places could you stay and have 4 star dining every night for 400 a person. No where around these parts ( i live in washington DC.). If you are looking for more you will pay more, our next cruise on the jewel is 2 times the price we paid for the sea. In our minds it sure better be 2 times as good since we arnt sailing for twice the time. I hope you enjoy the sea I know i did and would sail on her again if i could =).
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