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Since the N. Sea is an older ship, not all outside cabins are created equal in layout. We probably had one of the worst layouts for an outside cabin.

The cabins on the newer ships are modular and different very little in overall layout.

Our "closet" was a pull out rack behind the cabin door in a cabin that held 4 -- we were 2 adults. The ladder for the 2 upper beds was also stored there. The ladder was removed as soon as we saw the cabin steward. Most of the cabins did not have safes. We were on a 10-day sailing to Canada & N. England while most of the sailings were 7-day Caribbean cruises. Clothing needs, even with freestyle, are different ithan f you are in a colder climate and on a longer cruise.

The reason I mention handicapped accessibility is that on this sailing several passengers had mobile wheelchairs that could not fit through the cabin doorway and therefore had to remain in the hallway. And having no automatic opening doors, they always had to have some else hold doors for them. Anyone with a walking difficulty also could not open the heavy doors and carry a tray at the same time.

One couple was legally blind and traveling with 2 seeing eye dogs. The cabin didn't give the dogs much space to stretch out at night.

I only point these things out because if someone does have a disability they might be better served on one of NCL's new ships that have wider hallways, etc.

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