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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

Dallas, what kind of advise would you like? For starters i would eat in both Le Bistro and the Pasta Cafe. The Pasta Cafe is very small so you may want to make reservation as soon as you are settled on board. Be prepared for showeres that make motor homes one look big; well that might be a little of an exageration. don't expect the buffet to be gourmet or even 3 star, but it's great for breakfast and the sandwhich bar at lunch is worth a try. I was about to suggest tours, but I forgot you are doing the canal. I can't help you much there. Don't laugh too hard when you see the port (I am assuming you are going out of Houston). If you are going out of Houston and are arriving a day early if you plan on renting a car to drive to the port, allow plenty of time, in case you get lost. I say this cause the first time we did it, the taxi driver actually got lost, last time we did. the pool and deck area are rather large for a ship this size, so not as crowded as some ships. We loved it. The library is very open and airy with lots of games and a good selection of books. I don't too much else to tell you but if you do have questions just let me know.

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