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Vicki Black
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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

I have just returned from the March 12 cruise out of Houston on the Sea and loved the cruise. Like you I found a great price, the port was right and the date was right since we were going to Houston anyway over the weekend of the 19th. This was our 3rd cruise. Our first cruise was 4 years ago aboard the Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Sea (a larger ship only a year old at the time) and last summer aboard the Coral Princess (also a larger new ship, we were very disappointed in the service aboard this ship).
We encountered great staff aboard the Sea. We went on the cruise with an open mind since the ship was so much older and smaller. The main thing we missed was a safe in the room. There are safe deposit boxes available at the Reception desk. It works like a safe deposit box at the bank. 2 keys open it and you are the keeper of one of the keys. There is no additional charge for this service. Our room did not have a refrigerator either.
Be sure and take a few extra hangers and power strip if you need to charge batteries. I will have to say we felt the rolling of the sea a lot more in this ship than on the larger ships. Would I go again? For the cheap price, yes.
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