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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

Our 1st cruise was on the Sea- Feb-2004, It was fantastic! This year, we tried to book on the Sea, but they were sold-out, so I booked with Royal Caribbean on Rhapsody. This trip was to take my Mom on her 1st and my son for his 18th birthday. They had a lot of fun, but on reflection and comparing the 2, I wish I could've got us on the Sea.
The food on RCCL was a little better. The Itinerary didn't even come close to the Sea.
On NCL we took 3 out of our 4 kids, the 2 youngest were 5 & 7-they LOVED kids crew and the keds crew staff, at one point on RCCL I was GLAD I hadn't brought them. Mom & I were on our way to the hamburger-pizza place onboard and the childrens group was there for lunch, these kids were around 4-5 years old, and there were only 5 of them there, the girl in charge had opened the sliding window for a breeze, and 1 little boy was standing looking out the open window, well the girl in charge starts yelling at him to sit down, and saying that she hoped he fell out the window because if he did, she would stand up there and laugh and she would laugh really loud so that he coud hear her and nobody would rescue him. I got really upset. Usually I'm not the "confrontational" type, but this time I couldn't help it. 1st of all there's no way he COULD fall out of the window, and 2nd, she had no right to talk to him like that. His head barely reached the bottom of the window! So I told her that if that had been my child and I had heard that, SHE would be going out the window! Anyway, back to the comparison- I won more in RCCL's casino, and the Rhapsody is beautiful ship, much larger than NCL, bigger staterooms, but I never spend much time in the room anyway. The Sea has a certain 'feel' to it, if I could I would book 1 more trip on her before she's gone. Next Feb. we'll go on her replacement, but I'll miss the Sea.
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