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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

We were on The Sea in June, 2004.
The reason that we had fun, rather than being busy looking at soiled or torn carpet, is that we were too busy everyday.
We got up early and had coffee (I always brought the first cup down to my wife using the stairs................yep, 5 or6 flights).
Then we got dressed and walked the stairs to the Top Deck where the Buffett was located. We sat and ate and watched the scenery or the people.
Then we checked the Newsletter for the day's activities.
We went to the Dance Classes.
Then we went to the Gym to exercise (yep, walked down to our room and then back up to the Gym).
Then we went to the Bridge Classes.
Then we went to lunch.
Then we either played PingPong, or Shuffleboard or prepared for our excursions.
Then we got in the pool (if it was warm enough) and went down the WaterSlide.
Then we sat out (I slept, my wife read).
Then we walked down to our room and shaved, showered and went to the casino.
We lost a few nickels (occassionally won) then tasted the stuff in the Buffett.
Then we went to the Early Session of the Band playing and we danced.
Then we went to Dinner. Then the Show.
Then we went dancing again if there was music (there was almost ALWAYS some good dancing music).
Some nights we closed down the Band with the last song (dancing) and then we went to the Buffett again for a snack and a drink.
Then we found folks to chat with doing the same buffett stuff.
Then we finally took our drink (non-alcoholic) down ON THE ELEVATOR.
I never had the chance to see torn carpet, dingy corners, irritable people standing around complaining.............because I was too busy having fun.
We had such a good time on that cruise! AND, each cruise that we've been on since has been exactly the same.
I'm not one to just sit and do nothing and I can't stay in the sun catching cancer-rays either.
Oh Yea, we also took many dips in the hot tubs just as the sun was setting and we were overlooking the Caribbean Ocean.
We also have pictures to prove EXACTLY what we did on every cruise.
If you don't read the daily letters, you miss many things.
We also went to a few of the Games like the Newlywed game, or LIAR_LIAR, etc
Go................................................ .................and ENJOY!
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