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Default Re: Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

I forgot to mention that we also walked between 1 to 2 miles every day on either the track, or just around the deck (4 laps is a mile.............we confirmed it by counting approx 3 foot sections and then multiplying by 3).
The reason for the GYM, the walking, the dancing and the stairs is so we would not feel gilty by eating. I gained about 5 pounds even with all of the exercise but it took a good 2 weeks to eliminate that weight.

On that same cruise we were walking briskly to some Trivia Show, or whatever, and some gal was also walking with us. THIS IS FUNNY & SAD. I asked where she was from. She told me her husband bought the Tickets for the cruise even though she didn't want to go. I asked if she was surprised to find how much cruiseing is. Her answer, and I will QUOTE: "There is nothing to do on here!"

At that point, I was not about to challenge her nor change her mind. We just walked on.

I feel it is a MUST to read the Daily paper of events and plan your day around one or 2 events. (I'm not talking about the SHOW. The Show is a given that you will be there).

We didn't have time to get bored. We couldn't fit everything into the limited 24 hours per day.

Cruising is great and I hope to hit 1000 of them before I cease to exist. The SEA was a lot of fun for me.
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