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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

Snick - I understand what you are saying, but I think that if you go with a positive attitude you will enjoy it.

Anne Campbell and I, many years ago went on a ship we still refer to as "the tub". At the time it was the Festival (First European) oldest ship, the original "Pacific Princess" from the sixties.

Our cabin had formica floors, cracked mirrors and a bar in the bed that hit the middle of our backs. One TV channel (in Italian) - A nightmare. But we still had fun because a day cruising is still better than a day at home. The food was excellent, though there was no room at the buffet, etc.

We just found it amusing to see how old something can be. A trip back in time, which by the way, is quite common for Europeans - their ships for the most part are much older than what we see over here - except for some of the newer Costa Ships.

Seriously - just go with the flow and try to enjoy your cruise. Life is too short to dwell on the downside and I am sure you got a decent price. Please let us know how it was when you get home.

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