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Default Re: NCL SEA- Buyer's Remorse

I just recently took a cruise on the Norwegian Sea. First of all, we boarded and everything was great while we were walking to our room. When we go there the ship shut down. I don't remember what was wrong but the lights and AC weren't working. I was sweating worse then when in a steamroom. Outside was no better. When the buffet was open the food was delicious. However, the main dining rooms food was just OK. Sometimes good but not always. The times the food was absolutely delicious in the main dining room was during breakfast.
It always smelled old on the ship but then again the ship is old. I did feel it moving a lot. And our room never would get cold enough. I couldn't sleep well but i have to have the AC on cold to sleep. lol.
I did have fun though. And the service was absolutely amazing. I even exchanged emails with my waiters and hotel steward they were so fantastic. If you do decide to go look for Roberto the hotel steward.
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