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Default Re: Pride Of Aloha Crew Moved to Pride Of America

I've said the same thing time and time again until I'm tired of typing it. As I happen to be one of the officers on the Pride of America and have been here in Germany for a long time I believe I know what I'm talking about. Have we taken crew from the Aloha...YES Have we taken crew from other ships...YES.Heck...even I was transferred from the international fleet to the America. And here's a secret I'll share with you if you promise not to tell Bruce....Aw heck he'll never believe it anyway.....WE EVEN STOLE SOME CREW FROM HAL & RCCI!!Even with the "body snatching" the Aloha is still adequately staffed. I get really angry with people like this so called "cruise expert" who wont even give these kids a chance to prove that they can provide a quality product. When he scans in a copy of his cruise documents showing he has spent some time on either the Aloha or the POA when we get there, then maybe he will gain a little credibility. At least Dalwhitt and some of the other bashers out there have some personal experience to go by.
nuff said...... soap box put away
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