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Default Re: Pride Of Aloha Crew Moved to Pride Of America

Complaint emails from my websites that run stories about the POA have been up dramatcially recently. They had dropped off last December, but now they are back to a steady stream of emails. Not as bad as last summer, but it is sad to get emails from these sad passengers.

I understand a local news crew may be down at the dock this Sunday interviewing departing passengers. It's MAY SWEEPS month and if it bleeds it leads. I'll be off island this weekend, but hope to get down to the pier the week after to get interviews.

I suggest, if possible, everyone take a one day cruise on the POA. That way they can come to their own conclusions before spending 7 days onboard.

After hearing the comments from the NCL employee, I'm glad to hear that everything is going well. I'm looking forward to posting passengers positive comments.

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