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Default Re: Re: Pride Of Aloha Crew Moved to Pride Of America

This is funny. Allow me to point out all the ironies.

1) A 1000 word press release can be written for about $250, that's a lot less than the price of a cruise and it would be a whole lot more positive than what I had to say above. My article will be online very soon, and it will be as balanced as what I say above, but contain more information.

2) Tim above, who is an long-time and good friend ( Hi Tim!!! ) actually works for a competing cruise line to NCL, and is not affiliated with NCL in any way. I guess that is proof that it is possible to work in this industry and write unbiased reports of cruise experiences no matter what you do professionally

3) American Pride DOES work for NCL and has never denied it.

4) Your IP address above shows that your post came from the domain name for Princess cruise lines. Just a coincidence, I guess? But there is only one, just one, only one. Unless of course that domain identifier above was caused by sunspots.

Is anybody here NOT working in the cruise industry? Must be a slow season for cruise sales if all we have in here are cruise people talking to each other.

Tim, I love ya, babe. Good to see you.

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