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Nita, you are a marrvelous apologist for NCL. And perhaps you and your clients are getting special treatment from NCL. But I can assure you that no one we met on the July 21 sailing got any $200-$300 credit. In fact, as I mentioned on another thread, over 100 people signed a petition asking for a mere $50 credit, as had been offered to passengers on a previous sailing. To date NCL has not responded to the petition. And after sending a letter of complaint to NCL Customer Relations two weeks ago, NCL has yet to even acknowledge receipt. I fully agree with TW that NCL has a public relations problem on their hands that they refuse to deal with.

Our party had a great time on the Dream and, as Latitudes members and veterans of at least half a dozen NCL cruises in the last couple of years, we would love to sail them again. But they are truly dropping the ball on this issue, and we are unlikely to sail NCL again if they ignore us. Rather than relying on travel agents as their only source of communication with potential passengers, NCL had full contact information for everyone who filled out the pre-sailing information form and could easily have sent us an email or phoned. They could also have passed out information on itinerary changes at check-in, in staterooms or in the daily newsletter -- not waited until passengers heard about the problems from other passengers.
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