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Greg, I do believe you about those who sailed the July cruises: I was referring to those who got off the ship last week. I should have made myself clear. As for my clients, I have been lucky and have not had a single client affected by this fianco. All the clients I had sailing Alaska this summer opt to spend more money for less days and cruise on the Sun. I have no one sailing any Alaskan ports from now til the end of the season, thank goodness. My reasoning and I realize I am coming accross like a total NCL supporter no matter what, is everyone is between a rock and a hard spot. We can all say NCL isn't doing enough, but when the question comes up: what should they do, no one seems to have an answer. I hear over and over, we can't cancel because the other lines are for less days and more money? Hello, that should tell us all something.

At least you have come out with a positve statement and are making some sense. You said you still had a great time. As I said, please do not think I have no compassion or think NCL is 100%right, I just don't know what else they can do. I have watched similar situations with other lines and the result is about the same: lots of unhappy cruisers, no real answers. let's just hope they put the ship into dry dock soon.

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