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As I said, please do not think I have no compassion or think NCL is 100%right, I just don't know what else they can do.

I haven't been reading or posting on this board for a while but I came over today to see if anyone here had more up to date news on the situation with the Dream and when I read NewMexicoNita's post I had to respond to that question.

What could NCL do?

They could start by telling their customers the truth, or at least some close approximation to it ,instead of keeping them in the dark until the very last minute when their chances of making other plans is nil.

They could offer their customers the choice of cancelling this cruise (which has become something totally different than what the customers signed up for) or if that doesn't work for the customer ,due to air and vacation schedules, offer them a reasonable on board credit as some compensation for having their cruise so drastically changed.

They could keep their Customer service agents informed so that the can give consistant and at least mostly correct answers to questions when customers call.

And last, NCL could try to form some policy for dealing with this type of situation in an organized manner. Some people, (NMN for instance) always seem to jump into threads like this to tell everyone that cruise ships miss ports and have mechanical problems all the time and if you are going to cruise you should just accept that is part of the deal. In that case, shouldn't the cruise line also be aware of the frequent occurances of this nature and have some system in place to handle it.

Apart from the disappointment of missing out on major parts of the cruise you book, it is , to me, unacceptable that people who call customer service seem to get mis-information most of the time. I also think that the way NCL has handled compensation for this situation is bound to annoy customers. In fact I find it hard to see how they could have managed to annoy customers more than to make it seem like the compebnsation they get is some sort of crap shoot: This group gets $200 per cabin, this group gets $50 per person, this group gets the chance to cancel but no compensation if they go and on and on.

I have to ask what the heck is NCL thinking?
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