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gardencat, I

know we have differed many times, but never have either of us referred to the other with personal insults. I do defend NCL but I am not claiming they are perfect. My referance to other lines can be found by checking the Celebrity thread on "the other" web posted just today. Same complaint, ship had mechanical problems, should have known about it, missed a port because of it and all that was offered was a lousy open bar for awhile. This is my only point. It happens on all lines, do I necessarily think it is right? NO, but it happens and cruisers are just as unhappy regardless of what lines. What can be done, I have no idea. I am just thankful I am not in top management for any of these lines. Your referrance to customer service is very true; again, this is not just a problem with NCL, again how much information management can give to these reps I do not know.

I have been very lucky, I have yet to have a serious problem with any cruise and have cruised 18 times i think (lost count) As for customer service problems, as a TA, only 1 line has given me trouble; mostly it has been rudeness, but sometimes it has gone beyond that. Will I cruise this line? I might, do I recommend it, sometimes and do I see it? sure I do.

I do feel NCL is lacking in the PR dept.

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