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Brian, you are correct, I do side with the cruie lines most of the time. I have not sided with them totally when it comes to the Dream with the exception of saying "what more can they do"? yes, the ship is a disaster at this time, did I sell it this summer no and partly because the few times I mentioned it my clients were taken back by the lower price and questioned me: I was honest with them. Did I sell the Sea a lot, you bet? Why because for the price it was a great deal as long as the clients knew she was older and the cabins were dinky. I try very hard, as I said to match my clients to what would be best for them. If I have someone who wants to go to Vegas for a few days, i know they are motel, not hotel people and don't care about the glitz and dazzle I put them downtown. If, on the otherhand they have money and like 1st class it's the newer properties on the strip; same with Hawaii, those who want the best and the beach would probably get me to suggest Hilton Hawaiin Village; those who want to golf and relax, but don't want the best would be just as happy off the beach. I don't know if the difference in our selling attitude is due to where we live, how long we have been in the business, how many times each of us has personally traveled or what. Now you are saying I do not give full disclosure? What would you possibly mean by that? Full disclosure as to commissions, of course not, our agency get about the same from all cruise lines. I often book Vegas tour, Disney tours, etc where my commission is peanuts, but my clients get the same service. If you are talking full disclosure as to resorts and cruise ships that isn't totally true. I have yet to give my personal preferences unless asked. If a client were to ask me the difference between RCI and NCL I would most likely say, 1st it does depend on the ship, but more than anything freestyle. The difference in RCI and Celebrity; upscale and a bit of snobbery compared to not quite the service but a more relaxed atmosphere. I would like to think you could respect my views as I respect yours but obviously this can not be the case. As for my selling techniques driving clients to the internet, I believe again, that is your opinion and probably totally uncalled for. My understanding of these boards; we are here to give opinions, sometimes not agreeing at all and to have some fun while doing so. I learn from comments and suggestions as well as knowing others learn from my experiences gained from traveling the world. If you have been reading my post all over the boards as you say (even though I only post on two boards) and totally disagree with my views feel free to email me, but please leave the persaonal insults out of this.

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