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What you see as a personal attack I see as an opportunity to be fair and equitable. many people who post here are not travel industry professionals and do not have the the benefit or misfortune of dealing with the cruise lines on a daily basis. So when a person uses the title of travel agent and starts posting "opinions" on this site and others people may give that information more weight than other postings. I view my comments here as an opportunity to balance out the comments you have made about this particular cruise line. All is not well with NCL. The Dream is just the most recent incident. They are in fact very difficult to deal with when problems arise and they do have a long history of customer service issues. As for the NCL Employee, American Pride his comment, " Mr Marsh you would gain a whole lot more credibility relaying your own recent personal experiences on NCL than by spewing at others who post on this board" I will say to you, My comments are very much related to my personal experiences with NCL. Most every single thing I mentioned in all of my posts are related to my experience in dealing with NCL on behalf of my clients. As for my personal experience with NCL. I have sailed 2 times and both of those were adequate. Nothing more than adequate. I found the service to be marignal at best. The ship was well maintained and the food was edible. Not really the "dream" (no pun intended) vacation I want to sell my clients.
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