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Cheap Floosie and/or Brandon (,

If you knew which cruiseline AmericanPride worked for, why did you ask him to "disclose" that information? Anyone who reads this board even semi-regularly knows that he works for NCL. I happen to enjoy reading his posts. We haven't even been on NCL yet, but I'm not at all worried.

I've read many of NMNita's posts (on this and another site) and don't find that she's "defending" any cruiseline. She just tells it like it is. Even I, as a "mere" cruiser, know that the cruiselines can change almost anything without any compensation. If they allow you to cancel with no penalty or give a credit, that's great IMO. I've read the fine print.

I do know that the TA we used for our first cruises was not at all interested in booking our next cruise on NCL. I found another TA, much like Nita who, after talking with me was more than happy to book our cruise. We are very informal, easygoing people. If this cruise is a disaster (and I don't expect it to be) then I will have learned something.

Right now I wouldn't book the Dream, but after it's drydocked, I wouldn't have any problem booking it.

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