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Nope, I've never hid who I worked for. And I'll also tell you in the 18 years I've been at sea I've worked for all of the "big 3" cruise lines. I've also heard identical complaints about all 3. I have tried to be fair, I have critisized my company when they needed to be. However, in this thread, I'm not really taking issue with who's right and who's wrong. The Dream is broke, it's getting fixed. they missed ports, people were compensated, end of story. I am taking issue with, yes I'll say it again, spewing personal attacks against people who post. Now if you would have spit out the same stuff against someone on the other side of the story I would have said the same thing. Bottom line is people have experiences good and bad, people have opinions good and bad. I dont believe the owners of this board set it up for you to pop in here and belittle someone because their opinion differes from yours. State your case, prove your case, let others make up their minds.Enough said *poof* be gone........
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