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Default Re: Internet on Regatta

The Regatta computers may be used when not connected to the Internet for no charge.

What is usually done is to compose your email on one of the Regatta's computers using Microsoft Word or Notepad (they have Windows XP and Microsoft Office installed), copy the text to the clipboard, then sign onto the Internet (the $.90 cents per minute time clock starts ticking), and paste your text from the clipboard into the email composition form, add the addressees and the subject, and send it. Then, unless you want to do anything else on the Internet, sign off the Internet to stop the per minute charges.

Some members of the OceaniaCruiser Yahoo!Groups message board who wanted to check the message board while on the Regatta, arranged to receive a Daily Digest (it's one of that message board's delivery options) which is a compilation of the previous day's message board posts, sent to them in a single email.

While aboard the ship they signed onto the Internet, checked their email, and immediately printed the Daily Digest email, which gave them the entire previous day's board activity in hard copy without having to waste time signing onto the message board and reading each of the individual posts while on line. They reduced Internet usage charges, and the printed copy (printing is free) of the Digest email containing the previous day's message board posts could be read at their leisure, off line, without the hassle of Internet time charges.

Since there is a charge for each email received at the special email address that Oceania provides to each passenger in their documents package, many cruisers set up a free Internet email account before they cruise (hotmail, yahoo, etc) where they can send and receive email during their trip. That way they don't get charged for each email received at their special shipboard email account.

Charles B.
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