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Default Re: Re: Internet on Regatta

I was on the Regatta the end of August and I agree with Rich Wong. If you are doing a lot of emailing, buy the package -- $80.00 for 100 minutes. I'm on dial-up at home and the ship's satellite connection was even slower. I sent one email to my whole address book (14 people) and it was $20.00. After that, I found internet cafes in some very interesting places. I just asked at the Information Centers in each city or asked someone college age. I don't think I missed a port and even had 15 minutes free access in Helsinki at a coffee counter in a big department store. In Oslo, it was on the college campus. We couldn't get service on the ship for almost four days so we all looked for other places in the ports. Some people found access at libraries. You can even ask the crew. They have to pay 65 cents per minute so they look for alternatives also.
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