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Default Re: REGATTA 2/20/05 Miami to Miami

Hi folks,
I am seriously considering booking a Caribbean cruise on the Regatta.
We have been on 20 cruises, mostly larger ships and my wife likes the nightlife onborad, including the shows. We do not gamble.

I would like to try the Oceania Lines, but am a bit concerned that by 10;m, the ship "goes to sleep". Can anyone tell me if there is a nightlife and entertainment onboard? Are there at least a lounge or two where live music is played for listening and dancing?

As far as food is concerned, I have read enough good reviews that I have no qualms in that department. Don't much care about cabin size either, as we only use the cabin for sleeping. We are up early on deck for breakfast and spend the day outside. Change for dinner and usually get back in the cabin between midnight and 1am.

If anyone can put my fears to rest abuot this being too small and too "quiet" a ship, I am ready to book. My travel agent (sister-in-law) has been trying to get us on Oceania for the last year.

By the way, in the last 3 years we have sailed 2 Millenium class Celebrity ships, 2 Radiance class RCL ships and 2 Voyager class RCL ships. Inbetween we did a cruise on HAL and felt that ship was starting to feel small and definitely on the quiet side.

Thanks for all your feedback.
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