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Default Re: Amazon River cruise Nov. 27 '05

We've sailed on the Regatta before. The bathrooms are smaller than Carnivals, but we have managed. At least the floor isn't flooded each time you shower! We've never sailed during the holidays, so I'm not certain if they decorate for the holidays.
The food is great (Jacques Pepin is the head chef and has a good selection). The portions are smaller, so you can enjoy each entre'. This will be our 3rd cruise on the Regatta (having sailed twice before when it was the R2 on Renaissance Cruise Lines).
We enjoy the informalality and compactness of the ship.
We are traveling with 2 other couples in November. Two of us are on Deck Six and one is on Deck 7 above our cabins. You will enjoye the verandas, for a quiet get-away. We are going into Miami the day before, since one never knows about the weather at that time of the year
Hope to meet you on board.
John and Connie
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