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Carole Dunham
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I've been hearing about this for years. Who on earth would want to go on a replica of it? First of all, they simply could not build it as it was in 1912. They couldn't sail it that way. SOLAS (safety of life at sea) standards prevail in many areas now, including the United States and the ship would not be allowed to sail in US waters. Secondly, White Star Lines left off the necessary lifeboats so there would be more deck space. I don't think anyone would sail a ship without the recommended number of lifeboats onboard, but then there isn't enough deck space to do much of anything. Titanic had an indoor swimming pool which was a radical innovation in its day, but people now want outdoor swimming pools and I don't blame them. Then there are the cabins. Will anyone want to sail in a 4 berth cabin with a sink? And go down the hall to a shower or a bathtub and toilet? Or how about sailing in a three decker berth dormitory holding many, many peoople you've never met before? Or shell out the money for one of the suites. One of the last prices I heard of for the suites was $100,000 for the 5 day voyage from Southampton to New York. And if it's a replica of the Titanic, there will be people shoveling coal down in the depths of the ship with all the risk of fire. In fact, Titanic had a coal fire onboard. Replica? I don't think so.

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