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Robert Kahl
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Default Univworld cruise Amsterdam to Budapest 9/24

My wife and I had a disasterous trip with Uniworld when our cruise turned into a very uncomfortable bus trip from Koblentz to Budapest--long days on the bus, long lines at bathrooms at rest stops, short stays in towns, poor, poor hotel in Vienna etc. We called Uniworld the day before we left on our trip (9/19) and asked about the rumor we had heard about the river was too low to take the ship down the Rhine, let alone the Danube. We were told all was well and the ship could get through fine, so being very nieve and trusting, we left for a trip that turned out to be close to a nightmare. I cannot understand why Uniworld could not have been "upfront" with their customers. There is no way they did not know the condition of the rivers. We would have been happy to postpone the trip as it was one we had been looking forward to and wait for the rivers to fill. As it is they have a whole boatload full of unhappy people. Anyone planning a trip with Uniworld, be careful.
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