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Default RE: Favourite Princess Ship?

Thinking back to the many Princess ships we've sailed, I guess we have three favorites at this point in time. First has to be the Star Princess, the first ship we had ever sailed. We enjoyed our first ever cruise so much that we repeated the same ship, same itinerary - and sailing with the same Captain. We knew then that we would continue to sail with Princess.

Next would be the Royal Princess, smaller. intimate, and absolutely charming. Several members of the crew aboard the Royal Princess recognized us from previous cruises on the Star Princess that it almost appeared to be a family reunion.

Lastly, we were thrilled to have sailed on the Grand Princess. It was truly grand in every way - and our third time sailing with the Captain we met on the Star Princess. To have been upgraded to the Penthouse Suite on the Royal Princess, and the Owner's Suite on the Grand Princess, made for two memorable cruising experiences.

Currently we are booked on the new Golden Princess sailing from Barcelona next September and looking forward with eager anticipation to that voyage!
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