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Carole Dunham
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Default RE: Favourite Princess Ship?

My history with Princess goes back a long long way. I've sailed Pacific, then and now and was booked on Island at the time they sold her. Iv'e sailed the original Sun Princess. Absolutely plain and the niftiest most fun ship to ever sail. I've sailed Royal, on her second cruise, a great lady. I sailed Star right after Princess bought Sitmar. It wasn't very nice because the Sitmar officers were determined to screw up the deal and were making life miserable for everyone, the crew and passengers. The new ships I've sailed are Grand and Ocean. Clearly I love Princess. Which is my favorite? Da Da, and the winner is Pacific! The ship has none of the amenities of modern ships, no fancy show lounges, no balcony cabins and none of it matters. Babette is right. The food is divine, but for me it was the service. When we said goodby to our charming waiter we got hugs and kisses instead of handshakes. He was everyone's favorite Italian grandfather. The maitre'd, one of the executive chefs and one of the bar waiters went back for years and years on Princess and when we found free time together I found out lots about the inside workings of Princess through the years. Loved that ship. I'd love to sail her again and I'd better do it before they sell her. Second favorite was Grand. Liked the cabins better than I did on Ocean, bigger and an open verandah. Loved the Bistro. IMHO, best food on the ship. I don't have a clue what Princess was thinking when they built the verandahs inside the hull on the Sun class ships, little, airless and claustrophbic. Would I sail a Sun class ship? Sure, just not in a balcony cabin. Third was the old Sun Princess. Not for anything particular but absolutely everyone remembers the old girl as the most fun ship in the fleet, passengers and crew alike. Then it has to be Royal. Since I sailed her when she was brand new, I was amazed at the technological innovations onboard. We sat at the chief engineer's table and he was always studying the book about the ship. It carried a much smaller crew than usual. Wasn't built to need it a large crew. And all outside cabins with full bath and tons of verandahs. Boy she was ahead of her time. Anyway. Liked the look of Star, but with a crew in rebellion, it was impossible to like the cruise. Am hoping to make the cruisemates' Golden Princess Med cruise next year, but next cruise is scheduled for the Millenium. I don't have the history on Celebrity I do on Princess but it hasn't been around as long either.

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